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Visiting Scientist Program

As part of the GRAS SAF project we have an ongoing visiting scientist programme. This programme allows scientists from institutions that are not SAF members to participate in the activities of the SAF, either as Visiting Scientists or as Associate Scientists, through appropriate projects in their home institutes. If you're interested in joining us for e.g. 1-6 months to work on one of our research projects feel free to contact us.

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List of long-term Visiting Scientists

2000 - 2002

  • Prof. Stephen S. Leroy
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California
    Visit: DMI, Nov 2000 to Nov 2001
    Topic: Development of GRAS SAF offline products


  • Dr. Josep M. Aparicio
    GRAS SAF, IEEC, Barcelona, Spain
    Visit: UCAR, Feb - Aug 2003
    Topic: Interoperability of future COSMIC and Metop/GRAS data from the point of view of the community of users


  • Dr. Siebren de Haan
    KNMI, The Netherlands
    Visit: DMI/KNMI, Apr 2004 - Apr 2005
    Topic: Global Climate Maps Based On RO Refractivity Data
    Report: Global Maps from GPS Radio Occultation Data
    DMI Scientific Report 05-08, DMI, Copenhagen, 2005


  • Dr. Armin Loescher
    University of Graz, Austria
    Visit: DMI, April-December 2005
    Topic: Global Climate Maps
    Report: In preparation


  • Dr. Ralf Lindau
    University of Bonn, Germany
    Visit: DWD/DMI, Jan-June 2006
    Topic: Joint CM-GRAS SAF VS activity on: CM SAF Humidity Composite Product (HCP) and RO data


  • Prof. Michael Gorbunov
    Institute for Atmosphere Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
    Visit: DMI in February-May 2007
    Topic: Analysis of GRAS radio occultation data


  • Prof. Michael Gorbunov
    Institute for Atmosphere Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
    Visit: DMI, June 2008
    Topic: Validation of GRAS and COSMIC data

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