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Validation Products

Validation products consist of summary statistical information on the reliability and quality of the sounding products. There are separate validation products for NRT (GRM-06) and Offline (GRM-14) sounding data products. Validation products include:
  • Analyses of observation delay (time differences between the observation and the start of dissemination of the level 2 sounding product to users from the SAF)
  • Analyses of availability (number of level 2 sounding products made available to users relative to the number of level 1b occultations received by the SAF from the Central Facility)
  • Analyses of refractivity quality (differences in level 2 values of refractivity against refractivity synthesised from a NWP model at the same location)
  • Analyses of temperature and humidity quality (differences in level 2 temperature and humidity profiles against equivalent NWP model values)
  • Other
These products are available in the form of:
  • Summary single or tabulated numbers
  • Graphical representations - e.g. histogram of delays, time series and geographical maps of temperature differences at selected levels.
Validation products will not be actively disseminated, but are updated and posted on a regular basis (daily for NRT, monthly for offline) on the GRAS SAF web site.

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